Snow Melting Cables

  • Snow Melting Cables are uniquely designed for snow melting in parking lots, driveways, pavements, stairs, etc. with total safety. They are suitable for embedding under concrete, asphalt or under pavers.
  • The Heating Cable consists of a resistance-heating element insulated with Fluoropolymer and Polyolefin-based compound, having high dielectric strength and good temperature with standability, which makes the heating cable totally safe. A metallic sheath is provided to give additional mechanical strength and provide ground path. A final outer jacket of Zero Halogen Polyolefin based compound is given to make it sturdier and provide corrosion protection. The heating cable consists of a cold lead as required. The hot and cold junction is uniquely designed to make it safe and easy.
  • Suitable for low temperature, UV resistant and environmental friendly, it's the perfect product for outdoor application.
Features and benefits
  • Versatile installation in Asphalt, Concrete or under Pavers
  • Flexible cable: quick and easy to install in every configuration
  • Dual Conductor cable, one-point connection
  • Available in a wide range of lengths to suit your requirements
  • 10-year Warranty
  • Approval: CSA-us
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