Heated Sidewalks, Paths & Stairs

  • With Warmup's Snow-melting systems you can prevent snow and ice buildup on stairs, walkways, paths and sidewalks by maintaining a temperature just above 32°F. Warmup snow melt systems can be installed under asphalt, concrete and pavers.
Recommended Systems For Heating Paths, Sidewalks, Stairs and Ramps:
Quick and easy to install, each roll of sturdy mesh has a 3” pre-spaced thick grey heating wire for embedding in concrete or under pavers. Our extensive range of mats comes in a 2 foot width, providing 50 watts per square foot. The cable has a layer of shielding and insulation, suitable for low temperatures, is UV resistant and environmentally friendly, making it ideal for outdoor use.
Warmup's Snow Melt Cable will offer you full flexibility and control to melt snow and ice on your stairs, driveways and paths. Available in 120V and 240V, it provides 35 to 50 watts per square foot depending on spacing. Also, its layer of shielding and insulation makes it ideal for outdoor use.