Roof & Gutter Deicing Controller DS-8

Have you ever found yourself standing on your roof shoveling the snow off? Did you spend last winter standing on a ladder and chipping ice out of your gutters? We can get you off the roof and ladder and save you valuable time and effort with the DS8 controller. Designed for larger applications, this controller would be used for simultaneous control of your roof and gutter deicing needs. The DS8 controller:
  • Handles up to 1,200 feet of heating wire, or the equivalent of a large custom home.
  • Will provide deicing results for roofs, gutters, downspouts and small satellite antennas.
  • The small sensor head can be installed in a downspout, the bottom of a gutter, or at the end of an antenna boom, up to 10' away, while keeping the main controller in a more convenient or protected location.
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