Programmable Multizone Controller ETO2

Progressive Outdoor Heating
Progressive Outdoor Heating
The ETO2 controller comes with detached ground and roof sensors for advanced monitoring and dual-zone control.
  • While offering the snow and ice melting benefits of our standard outdoor control units, the ET02 Progressive Controller:
  • Is mounted indoors
  • Has one or two detached sensors, placed on the roof or in the slab
  • Can run very large installations
Also, who doesn′t appreciate the ability to multi-task? The ET02 is designed to simultaneously handle combinations of ground and roof & gutter applications.
  • CONVIENIENCE. Mount the ET02 inside your home and out of the elements — typically near your electrical panel.
  • CONTROL. Can easily be switched to standby or forced on to override timer settings in extreme weather. An easily operated encoder button and backlit graphic display ensure quick and easy configuration and simple indication of temperature, status, etc.
  • SMART. ETO2 detects both temperature and moisture so that the heating system will only be activated if a possibility of snow or ice is indicated by both parameters.
  • ECONOMICAL. With economical control of power consumption, the system stays operational until the surface is snow and ice-free, and shuts off automatically after a pre-selected idle time.
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