Nailed Hardwood and Bamboo floors

Our Loose Wire heating systems can be used with hardwood and bamboo floors. We help you combine the beauty of a natural wood or bamboo floor with the comfort and benefits of radiant heat.
Why Choose Our Product?
  • SAFE: Warmup wires have been thoroughly tested and endorsed by manufacturers for use under cork and solid wood.
  • Easy to Install- Our wires install between 1” wood strips (sleepers) laid on 10” centres. The gaps between the sleepers are filled with a self-levelling compound to create the heat bank for the radiant heat and the sleepers provide a safe nailing platform for the wood floors.
  • High Quality Materials -With Warmup you have the confidence of knowing that our wires are specifically designed to handle the fastest and hottest ramp-up time in the industry. This lets you get to your desired temperature quickly, without damaging your hardwood or bamboo floors. Faster heat up times = less energy used = money saved.
  • Options - Available in both 120V and 240V


Click the image below for detailed installation instructions.


Higuera floors have partnered with Warmup to provide the exclusive solution for Radiant Heating under Hardwood Floors. Visit them at

At Higuera Hardwoods, we set ourselves apart with direct control during the manufacturing process from the raw bamboo material harvest to the distribution of mountain grown Moso bamboo products that include (FSC) Forestry Stewardship certified products including Bamboo flooring suitable for Warmup Radiant heating systems in Strand Woven, Solid, Engineered, Hand-scrapped, Click System, Wide Plank bamboo and many other bamboo flooring products. Higuera hardwoods bamboo products have been serving the International community for over a decade from our United States and China distribution center. Higuera Hardwoods bamboo flooring has a proven track record with over a decade of accomplishments with installations in the following types of facilities: healthcare, commercial, hospitality, academic, retail, restaurants.
Please note that by using our Warmup Insulation Boards (WIB), you can improve your floor heating efficiency by providing a ¼” barrier that prevents 92% heat loss over all subfloor types. They are designed to provide insulation under most flooring types. When used in conjunction with our superior floor heating products, you can create a whole heating solution.
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