How To Install

Please Note: The following is intended as a guide only. Always refer to the full installation manual for instructions.
Step 1:
Divide the floor into a series of rectangles. From these measurements you can calculate how many mats you'll need and what sizes. Exclude permanent or static fixtures from your calculations.
Step 2:
If the floor is self-levelling compound over concrete, it is advisable to lay insulation boards to minimize heat loss and ensure quicker warm up times.
Step 3:
Lay the first run. At the end of the run cut the mat leaving the cable intact, turn the mat through 90 or 180 degrees and continue laying. When the area is covered, adjust the mat until the loops are equal distance apart. Now stick the mat to the sub floor using the special tape bands.
Step 4:
Lay the temperature probe from the programmable thermostat onto the floor centered between two of the cable loops and secure it to the floor surface. Now take the unheated power lead from the end of the matting system which should be positioned near the thermostat. Refer to the installation manual for testing instructions and readings.
Step 5:
Either lay a thin, self-levelling compound over the mat and leave it to dry before laying tiles or trowel flexible tile adhesive directly over the mat and lay the floor tiles. Once the grouting is complete let the tile adhesive cure before switching on the system.
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