How To Install

Always refer to the full installation manual for installation instructions. The steps below are an overview only.
Make sure that your sub-floor is clean. Lay down the provided fixing strips around the perimeter of the room.
Add strips in the center as necessary. Secure the strips to insulation boards or subfloor using a nailgun, screws,
double-sided tape, staples or glue.
The cable is fixed around the strips at the desired spacing
(3 or 4 inches). The cable spacing will determine the amount of heat
on the tile. It is common to use
3” over plywood and 4” over insulation boards.
Secure factory joint to the subfloor and route the lead wire through the conduit into the thermostat box.
In a separate conduit, bring the sensor down to the floor and position in the heated area.
Finally, test the heating wires with an ohmmeter for continuity. 
Apply thinset or self-leveling cement over the cables, about 3/8” thick. 
Work cautiously when using a metal trowel to avoid cable damage or movement. 
Let the scratch coat cure fully 
(a few hours to overnight) before flooring installation.
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