Laminate and Cork floors

Why Choose Our Product?
Warmup's new Cut & Turn Foil Heating Mats for laminate and engineered wood floors can be cut and shaped into place, directly on the job site. Heat any shape or size of room, from the basement to the bedroom to the sunroom or the home office!
  • Simple - Installed directly under floor finish; no self-leveling required.
  • Specially Designed - Grounded flat aluminum foil won′t raise floor levels. Easy to install.
  • Ease of Use - Wire based system can be adapted to fit around objects.
  • Many Applications - Great for heating directly under floating floors such as laminate and engineered wood.
  • Won′t raise floor levels — FOIL mats have very thin 1/16th wires encased in 7 layers of laminated foil that provides the heat distribution (efficiency) and grounding (safety) throughout the whole installation.
  • Options - Available in both 120V and 240V

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Installation of a FOIL Heating System

Warmup FOIL Heating System

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