Insulation for Improved Efficiency

Insulation for Improved Efficiency
To maximize the efficiency of your Warmup radiant flooring system we highly recommend using our specially designed Warmup Insulation Board (WIB). These boards act as a thermal barrier which means that WIB′s reflect the heat upwards into your floor instead of warming up the concrete subfloor below.
This translates into faster heat up times to get to your desired temperature, thus making your already efficient Warmup system even more so. Why not save as much money as you can?
  • Our insulation board is designed to provide a waterproof barrier that protects your flooring from damage caused by penetration of moisture.
  • Since they are only ¼” thick, application of WIB′s will not raise your floor level, thereby providing you with flexibility when it comes to your design ideas.
  • When you run the numbers, it just makes sense to insulate your floors. For example; when used, the result overall is a 92% heat loss reduction.
Did you know?
  • Plywood subfloors cause heatloss rates of up to 25% and concrete slabs reduce heating efficiency by up to 67%!
  • Just to sum up, our insulation boards will provide you with faster heat up times, added security for the welfare of your flooring investment and more money in your pocket. What′s not to like?
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