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How To Choose Your Product

We can help you match the best Warmup product to your floor heating project. As you will see, our high quality products are designed to heat a wide variety of floor surfaces.

Loose Wire Heating System

The Warmup loose wire heating system is perfect for heating small and irregular shaped floors. You can create a heated floor within hours without raising floor levels (only 1/8" thick!). This electric floor heating system is suitable under tiles, carpet, vinyl, wood, stone and ceramic floors.

Mat Floor Heating System

Warmup electric floor heating mats are designed to be tough for professional use, yet easy to install for DIY. The electric radiant heating cable is attached to a mat made from tough fiberglass mesh, which can be easily rolled out, cut and folded to fit around fixed objects and different room shapes.

NEW Foil Floor Heating System

The Warmup Foil Heating System is a streamlined electric radiant heating system that delivers an even floor heat and can withstand minor flooring incidents. The system is designed for safe use under carpet (fixed-size panels), laminate, cork, engineered wood, hardwood and other floating floors.

In-Slab Heating Cable System

The Warmup In Slab cable heating system is great for use with multiple floor finishes. The In slab heating cable is excellent for its simple installation in concrete floors of any size. This system is also recommended for heating thicker floor finishes such as flagstones.

Insulation Boards

Warmup® in floor insulation boards will save you money when used in conjunction with radiant floor heating by acting as an efficient thermal barrier for your heated floor. They reflect most of the radiant heat upwards so it cannot be absorbed by the sub-floor reducing floor heat up times by up to 2 hours!
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