Wire Design

Designed To Last A Lifetime
Warmup's radiant heating element is designed with three key goals in mind.
  • Thinnest
We use high-grade insulation materials and production tolerances to ensure that the cable is as thin as possible, so that it will not raise your floor levels.
  • Toughest
The high-grade insulation materials and the complete coverage of the ground braid ensures that the heating element, despite being thin, is very tough. We also use a stranded conductor to allow for slight lateral movements as the floor settles over time.
  • Safest
The tested and approved cable design, has been over engineered to allow for those accidental knocks that occasionally happen on a construction site. The incorporated ground sheath combined with the GFCI built-in to our thermostats gives complete protection against electric shock in the event of someone drilling though the tiles with the heater switched on. Warmup systems have been tested and certified as being virtually EMF free, complying with strict KEMA Quality standards.
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