Heating Tile & Stone Floors

  • Radiant floor heating is the preferred method of heating for tiled and stone floor areas indoors and now even outdoors for your home. It works faster (10-12 minutes), is easier to install and is less expensive than nearly all forms of heating including hydronic radiant heating systems.
  • Originally electric underfloor heating was designed for heating the cold tiles or stone in a bathroom or kitchen so you can rest assured Warmup's product range is highly suitable for this purpose.
Recommended Heating Systems For Tile & Stone
Warmup′s matting radiant heat system for heated tiles and stone makes heating larger spaces under tile and stone floors easy. Simply roll out the mat and have your electrician connect it to a thermostat.
Warmup′s loose wire system is versatile and makes heating small and irregular shaped areas under stone and tiled floors easy. The loose wire system is preferred for heating installations in most bathrooms and small kitchens.
Recommended Heating System For New Construction
The Warmup In Slab heating cable is excellent for its simple installation in concrete floors of any size and can be used with any floor finishes including tile & stone.