In Showers

  • Warmup′s Loose wire and Matting systems can be used in showers and benches. Choosing the best system will depend on the size and shape of the installation required, just like a typical installation under tiles or stone floorings.
  • Warmup heating cables under tiles in the shower are completely safe. All our cables are completely watertight and coated with a durable Teflon coating to withstand grout cracks and water leaks. Our self-adhesive mats allow for an easy application on the shower pan, but also on the seat and on the wall as a backrest!
  • Warmup's award winning heaters are designed to be stronger, thinner and longer lasting than our competition to ensure you receive the benefits of safe and durable radiant floor heat without raising your floor levels. By installing a Warmup radiant floor heating system in your shower, you say goodbye to cold feet and welcome warmth and comfort in your bathroom.
Recommended Heating Systems for Showers and Benches
Warmup′s matting radiant heat system for tile and stone makes heating showers and benches surfaces easy. Simply roll out the mat and have your electrician connect it to a thermostat.
Warmup′s loose wire system is versatile and makes heating small and irregular shaped areas as showers and benches easy. The loose wire system is preferred for heating installations in most bathrooms.