NEW Foil Floor Heating System

The Warmup Cut & Turn FOIL Heating Mat System is a unique electric radiant floor heating system designed for use under carpet, laminate, engineered wood and other floating floors.

  • Warmup's Foil Heating Mats can be cut and shaped into place, directly on the job site. Heat any shape or size of room, from the basement to the bedroom, the sunroom or the home office!
  • What type of pads should I use with my FOIL Heating system? Click here
  • For Laminate and Engineered Floors: Click here
  • For Carpet: Click here
Features and Benefits
  • Installed directly under the floor; no thin-set required
  • Completely Grounded & Safe
  • FOIL dissipates heat evenly
  • Watertight, even to steam-clean Carpets
  • 12W/sqft or 41 BTUs/sqft
  • UL-approved
  • 15-year Warranty & Warmup Safetynet Installation Guarantee
Heating Under Cork Floors
After completing extensive and conclusive tests, conducted by both Amorim in Portugal and Warmup in their unique German Controlled Test Facility, AMORIM REVESTIMENTOS (the world leading producer of cork and wood on cork floorings, with over 140 years of experience in selected cork materials) is delighted to announce WARMUP® PLC as its chosen under floor heating partner worldwide. For more information look at:
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