How To Install

Each and every Warmup Foil Heater is subjected to careful testing before it is shipped from the factory and is packed safely in a tube to protect it in transit. However, damage does sometimes occur in storage or transit, and sometimes during installation. We strongly recommend you test your panels using a digital ohmeter: after unpacking them, after you have installed them and after installation of the carpet or wood laminate.
Step 1
Foil-on-WoodDraw an installation plan showing the placement of the mats, floor sensor and lead wire(s) to the thermostat. The Warmup Foil heating system should cover at least 80-90% of the floor area of your room to be used as a primary heat source.
Step 2
The Foil heaters may be installed over any subfloor that is approved for carpet or laminate applications, including plywood, backer board and concrete slabs. The Foil heaters CANNOT be installed directly over those surfaces, so a padding or underlayment as provided with your carpet or floating wood floor installation must be laid down first. Carefully inspect the subfloor and make sure it is clean, free of sharp edges, nails and any other materials that may damage the heating system.
Step 3
Unroll the Warmup Foil heating system
completely flat and place it on top of the underlayment. Cut & Turn as needed per the instructions to give it the shape you need. Keep the heater at least 10” (25cm) from the edges of the room. When fitting more than one Warmup® foil heating mat in a room, the heating mats must not overlap, as overheating will result.
Bring all lead wires back to the thermostat separately.
Step 4
The floor sensor is used for temperature regulation of the floor surface and to prevent the mats to exceed safe levels of heating. Tape the sensor down with tape, positioning it in-between element wires under the heating system. Run the sensor cable back to the thermostat.
Foil cut
When installing Carpet or Floating floors:
With carpet, pay attention to tacking and pulling techniques when stretching the carpet at the edge of the room. Place a protective sleeve such as cardboard under hot iron seams you need to make. These tools have sharp crimps that can damage the heater. When laying laminates, use caution when butting the planks together with a hammer. In general, the Foil heating mats are pretty resistant and you can even steam-clean your carpets over the Foil. Use common sense when using tools and creating traffic during the installation.

Connecting your Warmup Foil heating system

Bring the lead(s) back to the thermostat and connect according to the manual. When setting up your 3IE thermostat, make sure to select the right flooring surface. This will guarantee your system will never exceed 82 or 84 degrees F depending on your floor choice. Warmup has tested the Foil system with many flooring manufacturers and has worked with them to determine safe operational levels. When installing over a concrete slab, talk to Warmup about heat loss to ensure you get the best results.
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