Using Warmup floor heating as primary heating source?

  • In some situations it is possible to use Warmup Floor Heating as the primary heat source in a room. If your room is well insulated and complies with modern insulation levels as set out in the current building regulations you should be able to use Warmup Floor Heating as the sole heat source. If however your house is an older property with lower insulation levels, it is probably best to install an additional source of heat. The only way to be completely sure if you need an additional heat source is to seek advice from an architect or HVAC specialist.
  • Warmup is the only company providing both the heating and the insulation materials necessary to complete a succesful Primary Heating installation. By reducing the heatloss through the floor, all the energy and heat is upward bound into the room. Heatloss can still be significant through walls, windows and roofs, and it is advisable to get those elements checked by a professional remodeler in addition to the flooring elements provided by Warmup.
  • Warmup′s cable heats up to 131 degrees, while competitor products with PVC insulation are limited to 92F. This of course doesn′t mean your floor gets to 131 degrees, but that you′re driving a Ferrari in 3rd gear, rather than a rice-cooker at full speed. Warmup cables have the extra capacity to compensate for heatloss in the toughest environments.
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