How much does radiant floor heating cost to run?

There are a lot of variables, but an average 80sqft bathroom costs $5/month to run. How hot you program the floor, how long you let it run, how cold it gets at night and how well your house is insulated are all factors that can affect the above. This is why we recommend a few things when installing heated floors:
  1. Always consider insulation: heat loss is your enemy as you′re paying for heat that is going to a slab or a crawl space. You can insulate in cost effective ways with a cork underlayment or a layer of Warmup Insulation Boards.
  2. Use a programmable thermostat to only operate at the times you need.
In general, electric floor heating is quite inexpensive, even in areas with high Kilowatt/Hour rates. While “gas” may be less expensive than “electricity”, you should remember that electricity is 100% efficient and that with the zoning ability of the floor heating, you′re only using what you need, when you need it. This is much more efficient than using a furnace to heat your whole house at once, whether you are using one room or all rooms.
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