How many Warmup mats or panels can I connect to one thermostat?

  • Our WUDG programmable thermostat has an amperage limit of 15 amps. You can connect as many mats or panels as needed as long as the amperage doesn′t exceed the limit. In general, you can connect about 300sqft on a thermostat.
  • Note that while it′s a matter of amperage rather than a number of mats, each mat or cable must connect separately to the thermostat. Mats and cables do not get ‘daisy-chained′.
  • For example, when using two mats in a bathroom, one for the floor and one for the shower, you can connect them both to the same thermostat. Same goes for a carpet installation in the bedroom, and a tile job in the bathroom. These are common projects, and we′d be happy to help you with your specific requirements.
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