How long does it take to warm floors?

  • Heat up times will depend on the subfloor and flooring type but also whether or not you installed insulation boards or pads. See the table below as a guide:
Heat Up Times
Subfloor Construction Heat-up Time
WBP Plywood 45 min
WBP Plywood with insulation boards 20 min
Insulated concrete (insulation under screed) 2-5 hours
Un-insulated Concrete 2-8 hours
  • In other words, a common application with heated floors on plywood under tile will usually take 45 minutes to reach 80°F.
  • Warmup always provides a programmable thermostat with its systems, which ensures that the floor is already at 80° (or whatever your set temperature may be) by the time you walk in. Our thermostat has a “smart-start” option and makes the whole process very user friendly.
You can set your heated floor at anywhere from about 70°F to 100°F. It is uncommon to find 100°F settings and frankly, 82°F is where we recommend most clients to start. You can go up or down from there. As a general rule, bathrooms are recommended around 82°F for morning and evening use, and for whole day use in kitchens, sunrooms and office spaces, we recommend about 75°F.
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