How Efficient Is Radiant Floor Heating?

Radiant floor heating systems are totally efficient because they distribute the heat uniformly and gently, at a low temperature, from the whole floor surface, concentrating the heat in the lower half of the room, surrounding you with warmth. There′s neither heat loss nor waste of energy and you can heat the rooms you want, exactly when you want.
  • Another key benefit of electric floor warming is its ability to be zoned efficiently. It doesn′t matter as much mow much a utility costs on a nominal basis, say the price of a watt (electricity) over the price of a therm (gas). It′s rather how efficiently you can use the power source and how efficiently it translates into lasting heating (in our case).
  • Electricity is near 100% efficient, and radiant heat is by far the most sensible way to use it as it doesn′t heat the volatile air in the room, but the floor, the objects and the people who are in it. Additionally, well after the power has shut off, the floors remain warm and continue to provide the much sought after comfort and warmth. “Zoning” or locating and activating the heat where you need it at the time that you need it, is the best way to conserve energy and to reduce your overall utility bill at the end of the month.
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