Electric vs HVAC

Here are the downsides to using gas and oil furnaces or heat pumps:
  • They heat inefficiently
  • Dry up the air in the room, drafty
  • Read our article on IAQ: Indoor Air Quality with Radiant Heat
  • Are expensive to maintain
  • Take up valuable wall/floor space
Interior designers know this and avoid them whenever possible. With radiant underfloor heating you avoid those issues and are provided with a superior solution matched with the ability to use every square inch of your home the way you want to use it. Imagine a cozy four-seasons sunroom with no baseboards or wall heaters!
The diagram above gives an example of how heat is transferred from a central heating system. It shows how it can create a stuffy, uncomfortable atmosphere and promote heat loss through windows, walls, ceilings and roofs. The typical heating systems' uneven heat distribution leads to the need to overheat parts of the room and the result is wasted energy which also means wasted money. On the other hand, Warmup radiant underfloor heating is designed to provide controlled, even heat distribution throughout the rooms where it is installed, thus eliminating the issue of wasted energy which equals money saved.
There are health benefits as well. Unlike forced air heating systems and vents which generate drafts, electric floor heating systems radiate through your floor without creating any air movement. They stop allergens and irritants from being blown around your home and aggravating your allergy symptoms. In addition, they keep dust and dirt from being embedded in fabrics or hiding in places you can′t reach. That way, you′ll be able to keep your interior really clean for longer.
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