Choosing Mats Vs Cables

LOOSE WIRE vs MAT Systems — Which will work best for me?
No matter which option you choose, both products utilize the same advanced wire design that allows for an element that is as thin as a nickel at 1/8”, so it will not affect floor levels. Either option will take your heating design ideas from impossible to possible! You also have the confidence of knowing that we offer the toughest, double insulated wire on the market, meaning you get a product that will stand the test of time and get you the heating results you expect. Whether you choose our loose wire or mat system, they are both offered in 120 or 240 volts in a variety of lengths & sizes.
When answering the question of which product to choose, there are ultimately 2 main factors to consider:

1) What are the dimensions and square footage of the area you trying to heat?

2) How much are you willing to spend?

Loose Wire System
Loose Wire System
This product is ideal for quick and easy installations in cramped or irregular shaped areas. Here are a couple of examples:
While the wire is easy to install, it will involve more time to complete your laying out of the product than the mats, a factor to consider when you are planning on heating larger areas involving higher amounts of square footage. At the same time, the loose wire system should be considered when you are looking to save additional money, since the price will be less than that of the mat system.
Mat System
Mat System
The wire is already pre-spaced at 3” and is attached to a touch fiberglass mesh which is 20” wide. The wire can be detached from the mesh (but never cut) for odd sized areas of the room design as illustrated below.
Both wire systems are best used underneath Tile & Stone and Finished Concrete.
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