Electric vs Hydronic, Washington State, USA

The Challenge
When this unique 2-story custom-built log home was originally constructed, the owners laid tiled floors over a hydronic underfloor heating system, fueled by a propane boiler. Many years later and after considerable research, the owners decided to modernize and update their heating system and replace the old hydronic system with electric underfloor heating under laminate floating floors.
The Solution
After researching the marketplace thoroughly, the owners decided to purchase a Warmup system over all the other competitors for its affordable, quality products. Warmup′s west-coast sales representative recommended their state-of-the-art carbon panel system for comfortable, even heat distribution throughout the entire house. They offered professional support from quotation through to guidance on installation. Warmup custom-cut carbon panels were chosen and laid onto thick insulation boards on the lower level of the home to maximize the system′s efficiency. Warmup′s easy-to-program thermostats offer zoning control for improved energy efficiency.
The Result
The carbon panels provide sole-source heating throughout the 3-bedroom home. The happy owners installed the panels themselves, with assistance from a customized Warmup layout and Warmup′s 24/7/365 technical helpline.
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