Carpet Floor Heating

Why Choose Our Product?
Warmup's new Cut & Turn Foil Heating Panels for carpeted floors can be cut and shaped into place directly on the jobsite.  With underfloor heating, your carpeted floors will not only provide a soft comfortable surface but will warm your room as well.
  • Simple - Installed directly under carpet; no self-leveling required.
  • Specially Designed- Grounded flat aluminum foil won′t raise floor levels. Easy to install.
  • Ease of Use - Wire based system can be adapted to fit around objects.
  • Won't raise floor levels — FOIL mats have very thin 1/16th wires encased in 7 layers of laminated foil that provides the heat distribution (efficiency) and grounding (safety) throughout the whole installation.
  • Options - Available in both 120V and 240V

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What type of pads should I use with my FOIL Heating system?

You can use almost all pads and carpets, understanding that the thicker the carpet, the lesser the heat comes through. In testing (*Georgia Institute of Technology), it was found that the thickness of carpet mattered most. Keeping your selection under 1” is preferred. For padding, although other underlayments can provide better thermal insulation from cold slabs, Bonded Polyurethane pads have the highest R-Value and will provide a good starting point. Click here for more information.

Installation of a FOIL Heating System

Warmup FOIL Heating System

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