The tested and approved Warmup Carbon Heating element comes with a 30-year warranty. Every heater is individually checked, including a test for electrical strength at 3000V, before it leaves the factory.
Thermostat location
The Warmup Thermostat (sold separately) can be installed within the same room as the heater, outside the room, or in a cupboard, because the heater is monitored by the floor probe underneath the floor. In order to ensure the efficient running of the system within bathrooms, the controls should be located at least 36 inches away from shower openings or basin back splash area to minimize the possibility of exposure to water.
Electrical Installation
All electrical work should be undertaken by a qualified electrician in accordance with local building and electrical codes, section 62 of the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) Part 1, and the National Electrical Code (NEC), especially article 424, Part J of the NEC, ANSI/NFPA 70.
The Warmup DUALUDG-4999 Thermostat incorporates a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)
We recommend that Warmup be the only load on the electrical circuit supplying power to the heaters. They must always be installed within current NEC and local codes. Some local codes require separate conduit for the low and high voltage wires. If so, you may require conduit for the cold lead wires that supply power to the system and separate conduit for the thermostat sensor wire. It is possible to run one or more heaters from an existing circuit but you should consult with an electrician to determine whether or not the circuit can handle the load and whether local codes allow for this. The Warmup DUALUDG Thermostat should be installed in a 4" x 4" deep square box with single gang mud ring. The wiring to the thermostat should be run into the wall and, if required by local code, be protected by plastic conduit.
Electrical Considerations for 120 & 240VAC Systems
If the area to be heated exceeds 104 sq ft, then you can: - install multiple DUALUDG thermostats - use a master thermostat & relay configuration - install a Warmup® 240V system (Note: the 240V system runs at a higher voltage but lower amperage).
Floor Probe
Fit the system`s temperature-sensing floor probe in the center of two runs of the Warmup heating wire, approximately 12" from the wall. This ensures that the tip of the sensor receives a representative reading. You may extend the probe wire up to 150 feet using a wire of similar grade.
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