How To Install

Note: The following is intended as a guide only. Always refer to the installation manual for full instructions.
Step 1:
Divide the floor into strips of 12" or 36" wide runs. Always leave at least 6" clearance from the walls. Exclude permanent or static fixtures from your calculations. Please remember that our heaters come in either 12" or 36" width and the lengths will be custom-made to your needs.
Step 2:
Make sure your floor is clean and free of debris, nails, etc before you start laying the heater. You may need to chisel a small grove if the wires are to be run on the surface of the floor.
Step 3:
Lay down the vapor barrier, then a waterproof insulation. Tape into place to prevent movement.
Step 4:
Roll out the pre-cut panel(s). Be careful to follow your plan and layout. Make sure the panels don't overlap and the whole floor area you wish to heat is covered.
Step 5:
Cut away the sections of the waterproof floor insulation to accommodate the sealed electrical connections where the element is connected to the cold leads (wire).
Step 6:
Each element has a black and white wire. These should be run individually to the junction box, without crossing each other or any other panel. Lay the temperature probe from the programmable thermostat onto the floor. Refer to the installation manual for testing instructions and readings.
Step 7:
Apply a layer of vapor barrier before laying your laminate floor.Please remember: The heater can be installed without the need for specialist tools or expertise. It is important, however, that the Warmup Thermostat be connected by a qualified electrician.
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