You can use the Warmup Carbon Heater under any laminate or engineered wood floor. The Carbon Heaters are easy and quick to install, because the heating panels are made to measure for each room and delivered direct to you. The Warmup Carbon heaters are taped and secured to the subfloor in a matter of hours, with no mess or drying times involved. You will, however, need a qualified electrician to wire the panels to the thermostat. You may install the heater on an interior wood subfloor or solid (concrete slab) sub-floor. In either case, a cement backer board should be installed for maximum stability. If you`re using a water proofing, or moisture barrier system, consult with the system manufacturer to establish if the membrane must be fitted above or below the heater. Please bear in mind that the heating element can reach temperatures of 131 degrees F, so it may be necessary to use a skim or scratch coat layer to dissipate the heat.
Preparing interior wood subfloors
When installing the heater to a timber sub-floor, make sure you fix a suitable backer board to the existing floor. Prior to installation, attach the existing floorboards securely and, if necessary, ensure a flush fit by first levelling with a latex or cement underlayment. Secure the backer board according to the manufacturer`s recommendations and in line with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications. Underlayment fasteners should not penetrate joists below.
Preparing solid floors
Insulation dramatically enhances the performance and efficiency of floor warming-systems. Warmup recommends using insulated polystyrene backer board to improve the performance and efficiency of the heating system. The Warmup Carbon Heating System will work with un-insulated concrete sub-floors, but once completed, the floor will take significantly longer to heat up. Note also that the extended heat-up times will lead to higher running costs. Go to the heating section for more information on heat-up times.
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