Basic Snow Controller DS-2C/DS-5

Basic Snow Controller
So you have our snow melting mats/cables installed in all the right places. Now what? Connect them to one of our intuitive outdoor controllers (DS-2C or DS5) that will automatically activate based on readings from the temperature and moisture sensor. Adjust your temperature setting according to your needs at any given time and relax! You now have a friend outside keeping your steps, walkways and driveway clear, dry and safe!

Why Choose the All-in-One units?
SIMPLICITY. The sensors & controllers are mounted in one outdoor unit and the heating mats connect directly into unit for ease of installation.
  • Connects directly to the mats & cables: simple wiring
  • Mounts outside, on the side of the house
  • “Plug & Play” configuration
  • Under $500
SMART. Snow, Rain and Temperature activated. Adjustable temperature trigger allows for cost efficiency. The drying cycle reduces the chance of moisture left behind refreezing into ice.
How do I know which DS controller to use?
  • It basically comes down to two things; how much area are you trying to heat and what you are trying to heat?
  • The DS-2C is a good choice when you are just heating your driveway, stairs or walkways. The DS-2C comes with the ability to handle 30amps and is perfect for smaller ground surface projects under 150 sqft.
  • The DS5 has 2 x 30amp relays that are useful when you are heating both your driveway/walkway/stairs or even your roof/gutter at the same time. No need for separate controllers to do both jobs. Please call Warmup or your sales representative for advice on which option would work best for you. For jobs up to 300 sqft.
  • Please note that contactor panels can be used with any DS controller to extend the amperage loads that your outdoor heating project may require.
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