AIRsense Snow and Ice sensor

The AIRsense is a stylish, smart and reliable Snow and Ice sensor. Installed outdoors it measures the temperature and detects snow, sending the information via the controller to the heating system.

The AIRsense is connected to the Snow Melting Controller with a 30 feet (10m.), 24V 4 wires cable and communicating with the controller, providing the temperature value and the snow detection based on the adjustable parameters.

The plastic ‘igloo’ shape design helps to assure reliable Snow/Ice detection as it prevents from the snow to accumulate around the sensing area. The 4 holes around the sensors were designed to hold the anti nesting spikes, keeping birds away from the sensor.

Download Specification Sheet 

Features and Benefits

  • Plastic cover for off-seasonprotection
  • Plug & Play on RESIBOX and COMMBOX panels
  • Adjustable set points
  • Maintenance: Pre-Season test modes
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