Why Choose Warmup

For 18 years, Warmup has designed and built products to heat the cold room in the house. With that in mind, Warmup is much more than a bathroom luxury, it is a real alternative to radiators, baseboards and forced air heating.
Warmup is the only company providing cutting-edge insulation panels and a 21st century thermostat that monitors energy costs for you.
  • Our radiant floor heating systems are the most efficient out there. They are uniquely designed to provide quick and even heat distribution from the floor up throughout your room. You avoid wasted energy which means you save money! Connect your quality floor system with our new high quality, eye catching 3iE floor heating thermostat to maximize the benefits.
  • Warmup's versatile range of radiant heating systems goes where you need it, fitting around existing fixtures or cramped layouts. Fit them into bathrooms, kitchens, lounges, sun rooms or any other room in your home or business that deserves the comfort and practicality of our radiant floor heating. Check out our installation video.
  • Our advanced wire design allows for an element that is as thin as a nickel, so it will not affect floor levels. This takes your heating design ideas from impossible to possible! You also have the confidence of knowing that we offer the toughest, double insulated wire on the market, meaning you get a product that will stand the test of time and get you the heating results you expect.
  • When you are ready, fill out the simple “quick quote” that appears on every page to see for yourself. If you already have floor plans you can upload, have multiple rooms, or both, click full quote.
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