Underfloor Heating Case Studies

Warmup’s Projects Team works with Architects, constructors and M&E Consultants in large projects.

See below some of our case studies.

Sweetwater Academy of Music, Fort Wayne, IN



Sweetwater is one of the largest musical instruments sales companies in the US. They have recording studios and classrooms on site, in this new Ft. Wayne, IN facility. Sweetwater have recorded some big name musicians in this facility. Warmup installed a full snow melting system (snow melting mats and controllers with sensors) to melt the snow on the front and back entrances of their corporate headquarters in Ft. Wayne, IN (over 2000 s/f).  Warmup would not have been able to work on this project without the tremendous help of Wabash Electric Supply team – Ft. Wayne, IN.

System Used: Snow Melting Mats, Commbox Controller, AirSense sensor

400 West Huron, Chicago, IL

Huron IL

This is a high-end high-rise condo building, in the hip upscale River North neighborhoods, in the heart of downtown Chicago. Right by the Chicago Merchandise Mart, in the Chicago Designer District. Warmup installed heated floors in 2 to 6 rooms over 6 separate units, using the heating mats and 3iE Energy-Monitoring thermostats. Warmup would not have been able to work on this project without the tremendous help of Studio 41 team.

System Used: Heating Mat, 3iE Energy-Monitoring thermostat

The Winklers' Residence, Steamboat Springs, CO

Steamboat Springs condo

The Winklers bought a ski-in-ski-out condo in Steamboat Springs, to use as a family retreat and occasional rental.

Outdated when purchased, and previously heated with baseboards, the Winklers had heating mats (NADWM) installed over insulation boards (WIB) in this ground floor condo, on slab. The entire unit is exclusively heated with a Warmup Electric Floor Heating system, including 4*4iE® Smart WiFi thermostats.

In total, the power consumption for this 1,280 sqft condo is 8,140 Watts or 27kBTU, split in 4 zones. Each zone is controlled with a 4iE Smart WiFi thermostat and allows the owners to activate the heating remotely. This ensures smart usage of electricity and absence of waste when no one is occupying the unit.

System Used: Heating Mat, 4iE Smart WiFi thermostat, Insulation Boards (WIB)

Bakewell Residence, Tucson, AZ

Bakewell residence

When Ms Bakewell relocated from the Midwest to the Southwest, she fell in love with the historic charm of the early-1900’s adobe homes. She purchased a small bungalow with plans to expand the footprint of the home, including guest quarters. With heat used minimally in the Southwest region, Ms Bakewell wanted an efficient and no maintenance solution. She opted for electric underfloor heating throughout the house’s tile and concrete floors. With electric radiant heating, Warmup® created zones between the main residence, each bathroom and the detached guest suite separately. Warmup’s 4iE Smart WiFi controls allow the Bakewells to heat only the zones that are in use – for seamless management when at home or away. The system is 100% photovoltaic powered.

System Used: Heating Mat, 4iE Smart WiFi thermostat

L’Hôtel du Golf Barrière, Deauville, France


Warmup mirror defoggers are installed in bathrooms of a luxurious golf resort hotel, L’Hôtel du Golf Barrière, in Deauville, France.

The Barrière hotels are a chain of prestige resort hotels across France, combining technology and luxury to offer visitors a unique and relaxing experience. As part of the Deauville hotel’s renovation, the hotel wanted to add extra comfort to the stay of the visitors who stayed in one of the 10 suites of the hotel. This is why Barrière chose to install Warmup mirror defoggers in the 10 suites of the hotel, making sure that guests who booked these rooms feel relaxed and that even the finest details were up to the standards of this luxury resort.

The Warmup mirror defoggers ensure that every suite is perfectly equipped for comfort and convenience and that the mirror are clear and steam free at all times.

System Used: Mirror Defoggers

The Peninsula Hotel, Paris, France

Warmup underfloor heating mats are installed in one of the world’s most prestigious hotels in The Peninsula Hotel, Paris, France.

The Peninsula Hotel is the group’s first hotel in Europe and its redevelopment was one of the largest building projects in Europe in the past years. It was important that every detail of the hotel was elegant and designed to perfection. This meant a luxurious feel and look from the lobby to the bathrooms was required and underfloor heating was chosen to achieve this.

The Warmup system was chosen due to its suitability for the scale of the project, as well as its suitability to be installed under the natural stone flooring in the bathrooms. Warmup designed a bespoke system to match the project details and budget, including detailed CAD installation drawings and ongoing support throughout the installation process.

Altogether over 13,000 sqft of Warmup electric underfloor heating was installed in the project. 1,506 sqft was installed in the lobby and 1,1840 sqft was installed in the 220 luxurious bathrooms of the hotel.

The Peninsula Hotel opened its doors on August, 1st, 2014 and is one of the largest boutique hotels in Paris. Warmup underfloor heating perfectly complements the elegant architecture, the luxurious materials and the services available at the hotel.

System Used: Electric Floor Heating Mat

McLain Homes, USA


The upmarket residential houses in, Lafayette, Louisiana were designed around the lifestyles of their residents. Customized design solutions and flexibility in terms of decoration were key in this new development project.

Radiators were not considered for this prosperous project as they would have restricted the arrangements of furniture and ornaments.

To match the needs of this luxurious development, Warmup underfloor heating systems were chosen and installed as they provided a hidden and  energy efficient heating system which did not restrict the interior design.

120V and 240V electric underfloor heating mats were fitted in conjunction with a Warmup programmable thermostat. This which allowed achieving a functional alternative to using conventional heating systems. With more living space to be enjoyed and no maintenance required, the underfloor heating system gives the homeowners the ability to indulge freely in their lifestyles.

System Used: Electric Floor Heating Mat
System Used: 3iE Energy-Monitoring Thermostat

Connaught Hotel, London

Connaught Hotel, London

There was very limited wall space available in the facelift for the luxurious Connaught Hotel, which comprised of a new winter terrace and 100 renovated bathrooms. The heating system had to be able to heat the space without taking up space on the walls.

Electric underfloor heating was installed as the system was able to meet the demands for the heating needs. 150W/m2 heating mats alongside with insulation boards were installed that ensured fast and energy efficient heat-up time.

Warmup programmable thermostat was chosen for its energy saving capabilities and with this hidden heating system, there was plenty of room for luxurious design and layout. The quick and easy installation meant that the client was able to keep to schedule and welcome guests to a cosy afternoon tea in the new winter terrace as planned.

System Used: Electric Floor Heating Mat
System Used: Tile Insulation Boards
System Used: 
3iE Energy-Monitoring Thermostat

Estadio de Santiago Bernabéu, Spain


Home to the one of the world’s best football clubs, The Real Madrid, Estadio de Santiago Bernabéu refurbished their VIP boxes. These are used to host some of the most prestigious names in football and their equally privileged guests and at 7m2 in size, the boxes required minimalist design and heating solutions.

To meet the needs of the space, Warmup Foil Heaters were installed as offer a hidden heating system which does not require any space above the floor level. The foil underfloor heating was chosen to suit the aesthetic wood floors. Insulation boards were used to maximise heat retention within the room.

Warmup programmable thermostats were carefully selected in white to match the colours of the Real Madrid team.The underfloor heating installation mean the guests can now enjoy the games in an unstuffy, comfortably warm environment, without compromising on space or interior design.

System Used: FOIL
System Used: Insulated Underlay

Barnsbury Place, London


This modern development in the heart of London’s trendy Islington area required a system that met the client brief where a consistent 22°C room temperature with an outside temperature of -4°C. and having a system that was quick and easy to install.

Barnsbury Place is a prestigious collection of 9 new houses, 15 new constructions and 80 renovated apartments in one of Islington’s most desirable quarters. Bowmite had successfully tendered for the project, including an in screed underfloor heating system for the project as a primary heat source. However, Warmup advised using Foil heaters as these suit the purpose better. Foil underfloor heating was installed and as the floor finish was laminate and carpet, it was the best choice for the project.

The contractor needed to be trained to install underfloor heating on site and to meet the tight deadlines. Warmup was able to design, price and supply the systems for one floor at a time (10 x 2 bedroom flats) within a week from receiving the initial plans.The heating system was delivered to a tight deadline and both the client and contractor were very impressed with the design, supply and performance of the Warmup products that we’ve been rated as “Excellent”.

System Used: FOIL
System Used: Insulated Underlay



MGM Grand is a spectacular casino resort in the heart of Macau consisting of 35 floors and 600 rooms. Its luxurious suites and villas required a heating solution that was not distracting to the eye and that would follow the clean design lines of these areas.

Warmup 150W/m2 heating mats were installed and 1cm thick insulation boards were used to achieve a highly responsive system. By installing underfloor heating, there was no need to encroach on room space. To complete the seamless look, flush mounted Warmup programmable thermostats were selected as the heating control of choice.

The heating system allows the prestigious guests to enjoy their spacious villas and suites and relax whilst enjoying evenly warm bathroom floors at their preferred temperature, at any time of the day.

System Used: Electric Floor Heating Mat
System Used: Tile Insulation Boards

Catedral de Santo Domingo, Spain


The Catedral de Santo Domingo in Spain is an impressive Cathedral sculpted in Renaissance style. Refurbishing and renovating the cathedral is important to preserve it in its original form as much as possible, and the heating solution needed to follow this principle. The demanding preservation needs of the cathedral required a heating system that would be responsive and able to heat-up an area of 900m2 on a part-time basis. The high ceilings and potential heat loss were also factors in assessing the suitability of different heating methods for the area. Warmup underfloor heating mats met these demands and were installed into the whole area.

To further improve the thermal insulation, the system was fitted onto 2cm thick insulation boards which ensure an extremely quick response time and an energy efficient heating system. A Warmup programmable thermostat was installed in areas with laminate flooring to provide zonal heating improving the energy efficiency to the maximum.

System Used: Electric Floor Heating Mat
System Used: Tile Insulation Boards

Corvo island, Portugal


Investing their life savings to build their dream house, a Portuguese couple wanted their new home to have the all little luxuries of life, including underfloor heating.

The climate at the northernmost island of the Azores archipelago is humid and it was important to find a system that would not only keep the rooms warm during cold winter months but also inhibit the growth of mold. To meet these needs, 100W/m2 underfloor heating mats were installed under the tiled floors.

The system was installed with 2cm thick insulation boards to ensure a responsive and energy efficient system. Warmup programmable thermostats were chosen to give complete control over the heating system. The floor heating system helps to keep the humidity at bay and allows the couple to fully enjoy their dream home.

System Used: Electric Floor Heating Mat
System Used: Tile Insulation Boards

Kha Shing Enterprise Co. LTD, Taïwan

Kha Shing Enterprise Co. LTD, Taïwan

Kha Shing Enterprise Co, a manufacturer of luxury yachts, were producing a custom made 100ft motor boat for a client who wanted to have a spectacular yacht suitable for entertaining and hosting social gatherings.

To maximize the comfort of this luxury yacht, Kha Shing Enterprise Co. sought to have an underfloor heating supplier who could advise on the best system for this type of project. Master stateroom, VIP, port guestroom and starboard guestroom en-suites all required a heating solution that would not take up any of the valuable space, but would provide maximum comfort for the users.

240V underfloor heating mats and loose wire systems were chosen and installed on the boat to as they met the heating requirements. The system adds an additional touch of glamour to the boat design and also reduces the humidity allowing the floor to dry quickly.

System Used: Electric Floor Heating Mat
System Used: Heating Loose Wire

Ribera Del Marlin, Spain

Ribera Del Marlin, Spain

Ribera Del Marlin in Cadiz, Spain is a luxury development right by the marina. Warmup suggested fitting 100W/m² underfloor heating mats onto 10mm thick insulation boards to offer unrivalled comfort in the bathrooms. There was little space in the premium bathrooms of the upmarket apartments and the client, Residencial Marlin, S L, Grupo Sotogrande, was looking to achieve a heating solution that would live up to the standards of these spectacular apartments. The system didn’t occupy any wall or floor space creating a greater sense of space. Spread over the entire floor, the heat emitted is luxuriously even and gentle, enhancing the experience of quality riverside living.

System Used: Electric Floor Heating Mat

Ocean Village, Gibraltar

Ocean Village, Gibraltar

Ocean Village in Gibraltar is a prestigious development comprising of luxury apartments with views out to the sea and marina.

The luxurious development needed a heating solution that suited the spectacular design and see-through glass walls of this high-end apartments. Radiators were considered to be too bulky for the space. Underfloor heating was chosen as the preferred heating system for the project.

100W/m2 Warmup underfloor heating mats were laid onto 2cm thick insulation boards to battle the possible heat loss and to ensure a fast heat-up time. Warmup programmable thermostats were used for easy control of the system. Installed in the bathrooms, the system provides the residents unrivalled luxury and control over their heating requirements.

System Used: Electric Floor Heating Mat
System Used: Tile Insulation Boards

Tagus Village, Portugal

Tagus Village, Portugal

The Tagus Village in Portugal is a residential area comprising of upmarket residences located in the city of Oeiras, with unique heating requirements of only needing heating for a short period of the year.

These luxurious houses, 184m2 each, required a heating system that would provide heat when required without being on the way or visually unpleasing. Warmup 100W/m2 underfloor heating mats were chosen for the project as they met the heating needs excellently and allowed using zonal heating, where the residents could decide which areas of the houses were heated and to what temperature.

The system was laid onto 2cm thick insulation boards which ensured the system was highly responsive and heat-up quickly. Warmup programmable thermostats were installed to provide control over the heating. This allows the residents to have a personalised heating system with no design constraints and as the system is hidden, there is more design freedom to be enjoyed by the residents of The Tagus Village.
System Used: Electric Floor Heating Mat
System Used: Tile Insulation Boards

LoftCube, Germany

LoftCube, Germany

The LoftCube in Germany was designed to adhere with the latest innovations in architecture to provide compact housing in a modern context.

As the underlying idea was to provide modern, airy, solutions in almost completely glass-fronted cube, there was little wall space for radiators. The radiators would also not have fitted the bespoke design of the cubes. Tight deadlines for completion were in place for the heating system installation and Warmup was able to meet these. 200W/m2 underfloor heating mats were installed under the floor finish.

The system is controlled with a Warmup programmable thermostat which improved the energy usage through zonal area heating control. The installation of the heaters was quick and the system complements the contemporary style of the pod and does not obstruct the views in and out the glass walls.

System Used: Electric Floor Heating Mat

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