With over 18 years of marketing experience, Jon Burke has a track record of successfully managing the marketing mix to achieve profitable business growth in home and overseas markets. He will be leading Warmup’s marketing campaigns to help drive sales across the business.


“It’s an exciting time to join Warmup, with a strong product portfolio and excellent reputation, as well as expert teams across the globe. I am looking forward to working with our clients to continue driving the Warmup brand forward.”

Warmup CEO Andrew Stimpson commented:

“We are delighted to have Jon join our team, he brings a wealth of experience to the company and I look forward to working with him. This is an exciting time for Warmup and Jon and will be an integral part of it.”

Editor’s Notes

Warmup Plc is a certified ISO 9001:2008 UK based manufacturing Plc creating and delivering underfloor heating solutions. We have sold in excess of 2 million systems in more than 60 countries in over 21 years of trading. We have subsidiary operations in 11 countries and licensed trading partners in the other countries.

The combination of Warmup’s heating wire with fluoropolymer coatings (on the inner wires and the outer protective jacket), our 4iE Smart WiFi thermostat and 3iE Energy-Monitoring thermostat are patented, trademark protected, designed and owned by the world’s best-selling brand.

We began as, and remain, a knowledge and research driven UK business, making proprietary, world-leading products. By continually investing in research and development, Warmup is able to foresee and respond to upcoming industry trends and technological developments. This guarantees you fast access to the latest innovations when it comes to underfloor heating design, energy efficiency and reducing COemissions.

Warmup has a tradition for quality and innovation. We constantly update and add to our product range to deliver the absolute best products.

Warmup Plc is the only underfloor heating company whose products are European compliant, CE marked, UL Listed and accredited by more independent institutions than anyone else in the industry, giving you and your customers security and peace of mind.

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