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Continuity Testers – Why They Are Not Enough - April 22, 2014 by Dave Mckiever

One of the great things about under floor electric radiant floor heating is that there are no moving parts involved, hence no maintenance costs once installed.  Therefore, the most crucial part of your installation is to make sure that there is no damage done to your wires before you cover them in thinset or self-leveler.  To help you in this respect, Warmup offers to provide free continuity testers for our customers.  By connecting this device to your floor heating system during installation, it will sound an alarm if a complete break occurs, thus allowing you to pause and repair.

Multimeter pic

Unfortunately, if only a nick occurs during installation, the alarm will not sound.  This is why it is an absolute must that you check the resistance readings of your floor heating system before, during and after installation with a digital multimeter (pictured above) as stressed in all of Warmup’s manuals.  A nick can turn into a break through use and if not detected early, you will be looking at more work to repair it once your floor has been installed.  Think about it, when you go for a checkup with your doctor, don’t you want to be advised, not only of an existing serious health condition, but also of any condition that will worsen over time if not addressed immediately?  The same principle applies.  Once the damaged portion of wire has been identified, you can use one of Warmup’s repair kits.  Just using electric tape will not cut it.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.