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Self-leveling pour? Warmup looks at Edge Strip Kits. - August 28, 2013 by Dave Mckiever

Edgstrip 2 Edgestrip 1
This week Warmup tested the Edge Strip kits, a new “peel and stick” product to provide a perimeter border around a room in order to contain a Self-Leveling pour. It removes the need for additional caulks or wood “dams”. They are made of a lightweight synthetic cork and cut simply with a standard utility knife.

Warmup often recommends to “scratch coat” the mats or cables with a ¼” of thin set mortar. This protects the wire and allows for a more trouble free tile installation. Actually, on some jobs, the tile or stone will require a very even floor (travertine, mosaics, and oversized tiles), in which case a self-leveling cement will provide even better results. The Edge Strip Kits featured in the video below offers an interesting approach to contain a self-leveling pour.

  • Apply peel-and-stick synthetic strips to form a perimeter around the heated area.

  • Install heating mat or cable within the perimeter

  • Pour a leveling cement to the edge of the strips (about 3/8”)

For more information, visit http://www.edgestripkits.com