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Warmup Is A Cost-Effective Heat Source! - June 7, 2012 by Dave Mckiever

Heating efficiency is not so much about the cost of the power supply (fuel, gas, electric) but more about the efficiency of the device, and the reduction of heat loss. The most efficient furnace with the cheapest gas price will never work effectively if the windows are old and drafty. The same goes for electric floor heating systems, where concrete subfloors can have a very negative effect on efficiency for example.

Below is clear and unequivocal data from our own IEC certified CUBE research center in Germany.

Because Warmup is supplied with optional insulation boards, it performs the job promptly and cost-efficiently. Warmup is the only company providing highly efficient, ¼” insulation boards for electric floor heating. Unlike some systems available on the market today, it is not a costly luxury, but rather a highly efficient and stable heat source.

Here are the results of the heating efficiency tests* we performed:

  • In a bathroom heated with Warmup products, the floor temperature rises 20 degrees in 60 minutes. Systems from the competition only show a 8-degree rise.
  • Even from a frigid 59 degrees, the floor temperature reaches 80 degrees in 64 minutes with Warmup. On the other hand, after 5 hours of testing, the competitors’ products barely reach 77 degrees.
  • It only costs $0.05** for Warmup to get to these comfortable temperatures. The competition has you spend $0.20**.
  • Conclusion: Warmup is 71% more cost-effectivethan the nearest competitor!

We all know that, over time, this counts. Imagine heating your sunroom, your living room, or the whole basement. The average return on investment of the Warmup insulation boards is 1.7 to 2.1 years***. In the construction industry, and in your home, this is a very wise investment.

We didn’t just perform the above tests. We also measured Warmup heating efficiency under carpet and laminate, with various settings and changing conditions. Getting to a comfortable 80º F was achieved promptly and efficiently, 3 hours faster than the competition.

So remember that Warmup is your trusted source for real answers to real problems. We are the exclusive provider of extruded polystyrene insulation boards for the radiant heating industry. Components carry the Energy Star label. No wonder Warmup is the world’s best-selling electric floor heating brand.

*Test conditions: Heat a basement bathroom over concrete, under ceramic tile. Outdoor temperature of 50 degrees, slab temperature of 59 degrees.
**$0.12 national average electrical rate.
***Including thinset, materials and labor, Warmup insulation boards cost $100 in a 60sqft bathroom and about $400 in a 200sqft kitchen.