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A Blizzard Survival Guide by Warmup - February 13, 2012 by Dave Mckiever

Many of you in the North East may be wondering where winter went with the unusual mild temperatures we’re having right now… Well, you might want to ask people in Colorado (or even people in Europe!) how they feel as a massive snowstorm hit them last week…

A few rules apply when faced with such a snowstorm, like taking shelter, but it’s even better when you have time to prepare before it hits your house and your family… Following Charles W. Bryant’s path and his 10 Ways to Survive a Snowstorm, we decided to create our own little guide to survival during a blizzard:

  • Protect your roof and gutters: nobody wants their gutters to collapse because of snow or ice dams! Fortunately, you can install one of our Roof & Gutter de-icing cables which can help you protect your roof from ice dams and snow buildup.
  • Clear the way to your house: imagine having to shovel snow in the blizzard? No thanks! For your safety and ease of mind, use our Snow-melting cables or mats to make sure you have a clear and safe driveway or path to enter or exit your house, especially in case of emergency.
  • Make sure your pipes won’t freeze: The worst thing that can happen is not having potable water because of a broken pipe… Don’t worry, with our Self-regulating cables, you can rest assured your pipes, whether metallic or plastic, will stay warm and never freeze.
  • Insulate well: think of your house as a shield against the extreme conditions outside and make sure it is well insulated! Our insulation boards WIB insulate your house efficiently as they prevent heat loss and allow you to save energy.

Have you found this useful? Don’t wait another minute then! Contact us now (1-888-927-6333) to make sure you are prepared… before another unexpected snowstorm strikes!

Be Ready For Another Harsh Winter! - October 31, 2011

Winter is not around the corner anymore, it’s HERE! As you may know, a violent snowstorm struck the Northeast this weekend. States from West Virginia to Maine have suffered heavy snowfalls and very low temperatures over the past 3 days. The storm that raged from Saturday until late Sunday was blamed for at least eight […]