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Radiant Heating For The Whole House – Inside And Out - September 15, 2011 by Dave Mckiever

You might think that electric radiant floor heating is just for tile floors. Or that electric floor heating systems can only be installed in certain areas or configurations. Well, you’re mistaken!

The truth is Warmup provides solutions and systems for many indoor and outdoor applications, whether you wish to heat your carpet in your bedroom or keep your driveway snow-free! We also engineer customized solutions to fit your needs, and we have local agents to assist you on the jobsite.

Check a few examples of how electric floor heating can change your home… amd your life!

Floor heating comfort in your bathroom…

Heating your bathroom

Walking out of the shower or the bath on a warm radiant heated floor is becoming one of the finest touch in nowadays homes. With Warmup heating mats, it is now easier than ever to add this affordable luxury with a great warranty and the thinnest, strongest cable in the industry.

Heating your basement or sunroom has never been easier!

basement concrete floor heating

Warmup heating mats and cables can be embedded 2” to 4” deep in a foundation slab to provide the equivalent result to hot water systems. You will not need all the mechanical set up, since our systems can work straight from a contactor and thermostat. Zoning is a breeze and your best bet for maximum energy efficiency.

Protect your roof and gutters from ice dams:

Gutter de-icing cable is perfectly suited to eliminate ice dams and ensure the long life of gutters and downspouts. It is an inexpensive and non-intrusive upgrade to prevent water damage in the ceilings.

The end of icy driveways, steps and sidewalks with our snow-melting systems!

More than just comfort and convenience, our snow-melting solutions provide the necessary safety for residents and guests. It automatically anticipates snowfall and will keep steps, sidewalks and walkways free of snow at all times. Residential applications consist of easy-to-lay mats wired into a single controller: a maintenance-free set-up! Install it under concrete, pavers, limestone or asphalt for simple heated driveways, paths and sidewalks.

snow melting systems

So now that you’re aware of all this, why don’t you give us a call at (888) 927 – 6333. We love hearing from you!