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Turning That Shower Into a Spa! - September 16, 2013 by Dave Mckiever

Here’s the scenario; you have purchased your electric radiant heating system and lay it on the bathroom floor exactly the way you want it.  Your confidence is high, you’re feeling good about your progress… and then you get to the shower.  Now what?  What do you do about that step you need to get past?  You remember that there was a particular way to handle it but nothing is coming to mind.  Warmup to the rescue!  Here’s how it goes:

Note:  We are assuming that you have already installed backer boards.  Warmup highly recommends Wedi shower systems. Click here to view options.

  • If using a mat system, cut a string of mesh with the wire.  Make sure you never cut the wire itself!

1st pic for shower install

  • If applicable, carefully cut the mesh from the wire.   With a chisel, dig a notch in the shower step that will secure the wire.  All you need to do is avoid sharp bends with the heating wire, avoiding the 90 degree up and down.  This would interfere with the electrical current being able to flow and therefore cut off the heat at that point.

2nd pic for shower install          2nd pic for shower install


  •   Install the remainder of your heating system inside the shower itself.


  • If you have a shower bench you can increase your spa experience by heating that as well. Simply run the wire up the front of the bench and cut a channel at the lip as you did with the shower step.  Install rest of material as normal, never crossing or cutting wires at any time.

4th pic for shower install small

You can view this and other of our advanced radiant heating systems at www.warmup.com.  Feel free to contact us directly at 888-927-6333 with any questions.  Enjoy!