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Shedding Some Light On Sunrooms - November 22, 2013 by Dave Mckiever

So you like sitting in the sun, but don’t like sharing time with the bugs.  You like the rhythmic sound of rain hitting the roof, but don’t like getting wet (who does?).  Watching the snow fall can be a peaceful and enjoyable experience, but not so much when you try reading your favorite book outside.  Enter… the Sunroom!  Enjoy all the joys of the seasons and none of the painsBefore you begin your project, here are some factors the experts say you need to consider:

SunroomsPic   4-season-sunroom-winter


  • Decide if you want a 3 or 4 season sunroom.  What’s the difference?  The 3 season option is typically not heated, while the 4 season option is designed for year round living and is heated and cooled.
  • How much do you want to spend, or should we say, how much can you afford to spend?  Unfortunately, sometimes it is either one or the other.  A less expensive option would be looking into a kit that a handyman/handywoman could put together on his or her own.  If you don’t mind spending more money, are looking for more design flexibility, and would rather put your feet up and let someone else do the work, then go for the custom build.  Before you make a choice make sure you do your research.
  • Since windows/glass panes are likely to make up a major portion of your sunroom, don’t skimp on the materials.  Make sure you purchase thick, weather sealed glass.  Consider the U-value, which rates how much heat will pass through the glass.  A lower number means less heat passes through, a benefit on those hot sunny days.  Here’s something else to consider, purchasing double glazed glass provides great insulation and has glare reduction.
  • What kind of flooring can you use?  It all depends on the look and feel you want for your sunroom.  Tile, carpet, laminate and natural wood are all options.  Don’t rule out linoleum either.  Nowadays it’s not the same stuff you found in homes from the 1940’s onward.  It comes it renewable materials and a variety of nice designs and colors.  Go for a romp on your preferred search engine and see for yourself!
  • Radiant electric heating under your sunroom flooring is the perfect way to not only keep your feet nice and toasty during those colder days, but will heat up the entire room as well.  Radiant electric heat is designed to heat the room from the floor up, resulting in an even heat distribution avoiding cold spots associated with other heating methods.  Always make sure that your choice of flooring is compatible with radiant heating if you decide to go that route.  Feel free visit our website at www.warmup.com or call directly at 1-888-927-6333 for more information.

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