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Beauty and Brains in a Programmable Thermostat! - May 15, 2013 by Dave Mckiever

When you think of floor heating thermostats, it’s hard to get too excited, right?  We just want them to keep our floors nice and comfortable during those cold and chilly days.  What if we told you Warmup has a state of the art digital thermostat that will exceed your expectations?  One that will save you more money than with traditional digital thermostats by automatically adjusting to changing external conditions to give optimal start-up times – no wasted energy.

On a cold day, it will know to switch on sooner, and on a mild winter day, it will ease on the power to ensure maximum efficiency.  More than that, it is the first thermostat to feature Active Energy Management (AEM) which prompts you to choose the best and most efficient temperature in each room. These features and more add the Warmup 3IE Energy Monitoring Thermostat to the eco-friendly family of products that are available today.   That is just a sample of the brains behind it.  As for the beauty…You can see for yourself! Click here to see it in action.

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