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Heated Driveways and Walkways, Not Just For the Wealthy! - June 4, 2014 by Dave Mckiever

We have survived yet another winter here in the US and for many of us it was a winter wonderland where we “wondered” when we were going to get a break from the snow and/or ice.  Some folks enjoy shoveling snow or running their snow blower but here at Warmup, we offer a slightly different approach to keeping your walkways and driveways clear of slippery snow and ice.  Enter the heated walkway/driveway.

We provide specially designed electric radiant heating wires or mats that can be imbedded in concrete, asphalt or pavers.  There are a variety of controllers available to you, some mounted outside others inside, all of them automatically activated for snow melting based on your choice of settings.  Set it and forget it as it were.


As to the cost, that really depends on your budget, but there are ways to keep the costs down without sacrificing performance.  For example, if you are looking to heat your driveway, instead of covering the entire surface area you might only heat tire tracks, thereby creating slip free sections for your vehicles to utilize.  An example of this is highlighted below.  In this scenario, you are looking at $1,928 in materials from Warmup which includes 4 snow melting mats, each one 15ft long and 2ft wide (each strip actually heats an additional 6” on each side) and the specially designed DS2 outdoor controller.  The cost for the driveway materials is separate, but if you were considering re-doing your driveway anyway, this would be the time to consider upgrading to make it an “all weather” surface.  You can use our snow melting mats or cables to provide the same slip-free surface for your walkways and steps.

Heated Driveway drawing - snowmelt tire tracks

Feel free to contact us so that one of our specially trained staff members can help you with any questions and to go over your application needs.

Snowmelt House
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