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Shovelling Snow Is Dangerous, Heat Your Driveways With Warmup Snow-Melting Systems - December 6, 2011 by Dave Mckiever

Metro News readers can’t say they weren’t warned! In today’s edition, an article revealed the dangers of dreadful snow shovelling!

Stop dreadful shovelling snow - Heated driveways

A recent study from researchers at Queen’s University in Kingston (Ontario), published in the journal Clinical Research in Cardiology, revealed that many patients with heart problems experienced the first symptoms after shovelling snow. An article published by Harvard University further explains how sudden exertion, such as shovelling, can put a big strain on the heart and make blood more likely to clot, which can lead to an heart attack.

Protect your heart, and your back, by NOT shovelling snow this winter! Warmup has your well-being in mind with our line of Snow-melting and De-icing systems can help keep your driveways and paths snow-free.