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When Is a “Shed” No Longer Just a “Shed?” - October 9, 2013 by Dave Mckiever

To answer this riddle you need look no further than what Patricia has created in her back yard.  She turned her shed into a beautiful “Yoga Retreat” by adding a Warmup electric floor heating system under the floor.  Even though it may be getting chilly outside, she merely sets her programmable thermostat to turn on so that when she begins her exercises the temperature is perfect.  In the second picture you can see our attractive, full touch-screen 3IE energy saving thermostat.

Heated shed  Yoga shed 2

How about you?  Have you come up with some creative ways to take advantage of electric radiant heating for your floors?  Do you have a project that we might be able to help you with?  Feel free to contact us here at Warmup to see how we can help you realize your warm floor experience.


Heated Floors: A Product For Every Floor Type! - November 7, 2011

“Can I install floor heating under carpet?” “I don’t think I can heat vinyl floors! Can I?” “I heard that heating cables can burn my wooden floors, is that true?” If you ever ask yourself these questions: we have the answers! Warmup now offers a floor heating solution for every floor type! Heating Concrete Polished and […]