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Floor Heating Can Improve the Air Quality in Your Home - October 24, 2014 by Dave Mckiever

None of us are immune to the effects of dust and none of us live in a completely dust free environment.Youg woman sneezing

Unfortunately it accumulates over time and causes real problems to allergy sufferers.  Additionally, WebMD estimates that 20 million Americans are allergic to that pesky bug, the dust mite which doesn’t help matters. Evidently, they do their worst damage in the months of July and August due to the warmer weather. If you have carpeting, you potentially have a sweet vacation spot for these unwelcome guests.  You aren’t completely defenseless though.  Here are some actions recommend by the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America that you can take this year to help minimize their effect on you and your family:

  • Clean bare floors often with a damp mop or cloth,
  • Vacuum carpets once or twice a week. Use a vacuum with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter,
  • Wash throw rugs in hot water,
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture such as sofas. Wood, leather, plaster, or metal furniture is better for dust allergies,
  • Replace drapes with roll-up window shades. If you must have curtains, wash them in hot water each season,
  • Get rid of stuffed animals, soft toys, and other dust collectors


Forced air systems don’t help matters. They actually rotate the air and traditional air filters do not capture everything. The dusty air winds up being circulated all around the house and thrown into the room for all to breathe. It also dries the air which further affects people with allergy conditions.  Warmup electric radiant floor heating helps fight allergies since the warmth emanates from the floor up without displacing any dust and provides a comfortable even heat that does not dry the air out.

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