Prevent Frozen Gutters

Enjoy the summer! (but winter will be back)….

I still remember it as if it was yesterday.  A couple of winters ago, we had to deal with water coming into our home due to ice buildup in our gutters.  As I watched the maintenance workers stand on the roof and ladders, chipping away at the ice, I was so glad it wasn’t me out there doing it.  My relief quickly turned to horror as I watched these men accidently rip apart the gutters while trying to remove the ice!  Has that ever happened to you?  Do you wish there was an easier way?

Actually there is.  Here at Warmup, we offer a roof and gutter deicing cable that is designed to keep your gutters and downspouts free of ice build-ups. The heating cable routes the melting ice through the gutters and spouts and away from the roof line, preventing costly damage.

Cables and controls for a 3,000 sqft home are often less than $1,500. This could be a wise investment for the winter to come…

July 4, 2014 at 11:24 am by Dave Mckiever
Category: Snow-melting, Tips and tricks, Warmup