It can be tempting to go for the quick fix when it comes to clearing the walkways come winter.  Most people opt for Rock Salt or Sand. Both options are ineffective short term solutions for melting driveways and icy paths which have long term consequences…


Did you know that millions of tons of Rock Salt are dumped nationwide every year? This most commonly unrefined mineral form of table salt works by lowering the freezing point of water making snow harder to settle or to melt away ice that has already fallen. It’s a relatively cheap option but definitely not the best.for the task but most people don’t realize that it only works for temperatures at about 12 degrees F.

Using rock salt year after year can have huge consequences. Chlorides such as rock salt can damage the concrete stairways they are laid on and even the mechanical parts of any wheel chairs or bicycles they may come into contact with. As the ice melts away the Rock Salt is carried with it into any nearby soil, building up over time and effectively killing vegetation or entering ground water supplies meant for human consumption.

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Using Sand might be safer for the environment than using Rock Salt, it is however less effective. Sand has none of the chemical properties That Rock Salt has to melt ice. Sand merely provides traction on the surface of ice to aid walking.  This comes with many downsides, since as snow falls on top of the sand it needs to be reapplied.  As the sand is walked on, it is picked up and carried away by other people’s shoes.  It thereby becomes less effective and more sand needs to be applied to prevent slips and spills. It’s the instances where a person maybe too busy to reapply sand where a slip and fall could happen resulting in an injury and often a law suit.

Outside under -surface heating provided by Warmup’s Snow Melting Mats & Cables is the best and safest way to solve the issues caused by both Sand and Rock Salt and also eliminates the need for shovelling driveways and pathways. Warmup’s outside under –surface heating can be used under Asphalt, concrete and pavers, providing ice protection at the flick of a switch!  It’s the perfect solution for disability ramps and stairways, offering comfort to the elderly who may not feel completely mobile in the snow or ice. It also won’t damage wheelchair or mobility assistance aides like rock salt.

Be sure to get a Warmup quote now to prevent another laborious winter ritual of shovelling and salting.

March 13, 2013 at 5:43 am by Dave Mckiever
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