“Can I install floor heating under carpet?”
“I don’t think I can heat vinyl floors! Can I?”
“I heard that heating cables can burn my wooden floors, is that true?”

If you ever ask yourself these questions: we have the answers! Warmup now offers a floor heating solution for every floor type!

Heated Concrete Floors Heated Carpet Floors Heated Laminate and Cork Floors
Heating Concrete
Polished and finished concrete floors are becoming increasingly trendy. If you have settled for this type of flooring, using our In-slab cables will provide a one-step solution for comfort or primary heating.
Heating Carpet
Carpet isn’t particularly cold, but think about adding heat to the basement, the kids’ playroom, or a guest suite. We designed a specific product for this application: our Foil heating system.
Heating Laminate and Cork
These types of flooring choices are very popular andthey have become increasingly stylish. Use Warmup’s Carbon heating system to add a no hassle luxury to that sunroom remodel.
Heated Hardwood and Bamboo Floors Heated Tile and Stone Floors
Heating Hardwood and Bamboo
Our Loose Wire systems have been tested by established wood manufacturers. Don’t let the nails put you off. Warmup has a system that won’t cause cracking and make your floors beautiful and warm.
Heating Tile and Stone
From cold tiles to warm floors is a snap. Warmup has lead the way to offer solutions for bathroom comfort or primary heating purposes. You can even install Warmup in the shower and in countertops…

Are you making a selection we haven’t addressed? please send us a request here or call us at 1-888-927-6333. We’re always available to answer your questions!

November 7, 2011 at 4:58 pm by Dave Mckiever
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