Winter is not around the corner anymore, it’s HERE!

As you may know, a violent snowstorm struck the Northeast this weekend. States from West Virginia to Maine have suffered heavy snowfalls and very low temperatures over the past 3 days. The storm that raged from Saturday until late Sunday was blamed for at least eight deaths, most of them on slippery roads. People are now advised to stay home as 2.2 million houses are left without power.

This may be just the beginning of another severe winter for North America.

Remember how harsh was last winter? It was the coldest recorded winter in 30 years across many parts of the US. Eastern parts of the US plunged to a record -50F with the Northeast of the US also seeing records broken. Temperatures was also largely below normal averages for New York, Chicago, New Orleans, and Minneapolis. Snowstorms shattered New York City in December 2010 and January 2011 to become the snowiest January ever recorded. It seems now that this 2011-2012 winter might even be worse!

A few months back, weather experts were already warning us, sending very pessimistic reports. Exacta weather, for example, created a very interesting US Long Range weather forecast:

Now that we know what’s in store for us, let’s get ready! And take the opportunity to make your house snow and ice-proof! Have a look at Warmup Outdoor Heating Solutions and don’t say you weren’t told!